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Everyone knows that space is valuable. When planning your workplace, we try to make every inch of space count, so that your workplace is as efficient and effective as possible. Our qualified interior designers are here to create beautiful looking workplaces, but also to bring the best out of your space, through understanding the way the area works best for your business.


  Novanta Designs, work with most furniture manufacturers from the U.K., Europe and North America, and are able to access their 2D & 3D CAD blocks, plus Revit files, so that we can offer a wide choice of products.

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Our designers are able to attend site, to extract all the necessary information required to recreate the empty workspace on our CAD systems. 

All of our team are equipped with the latest PPE equipment, so that safety is of paramount importance and can give our clients peace of mind.

We use both traditional and laser-led tools to measure areas, whilst our key knowledge of interior builds, ensures we capture all of the data we need.

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It is vital that a design company understands the clients wishes, by listening carefully to the initial brief and then challenging these ideas positively, so that there is a clear path ahead for the new design. 

 Having a clear, agreed vision by all parties at the very beginning of the process is critical. It will inevitably save both time and money for the client and allow the designers to focus in on important areas of the plan, 

 Novanta's design team will visit you to discuss everything in person, or we can utilise virtual platforms, depending upon time or geographical restraints.