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The Elements - Fire

Photo by Vadym Lebedych on Unsplash

As we briefly touched on in our last blog, fire is a wonderful way of bringing life and light to a room at night. The primal call of fire has been a part of human existence since we first trod the earth. It brings a sense of security and warmth, enabling us to cook and see in the dark. From the humble candle to the hearth of a stately home, fire has played a central role in the homestead. With the controversy over log fires and stoves adding to our carbon foot print, fire is rapidly becoming a luxury item when once it was a necessity. As with light it is also essential to our sense of well-being and should not be simply dismissed but remain a part of our lives and there are several ways this can be achieved.

Bio-fuel fire places are rapidly becoming a way to keep the home fires burning and come in a range of styles from traditional log burner to a fair selection of contemporary designs which by adding biofuel fragrance oil will add the smell of a fire burning to the experience of real flames.

Candles will create a sense of comfort and can be beneficial when trying to relax. They instil a feeling of warmth and shed a wonderful soft light, casting shadows to create depth in any room. Candle holders and sticks come in a diverse range of styles and there is sure to be one or more that will suit your desired room theme, but please do not leave unattended candles burning and ensure the holder is suitable for the surface you place it on so as not to find unwanted scorch marks on your furnishings.

Flame simulating bulbs flicker in a way that mimics candles and whilst they are only creating the illusion of fire have a similar effect in creating an air of ambiance.

Although the use of fossil fuels is being removed from new build housing due to the increasing pressure on reducing our carbon footprint emissions, gas fires have increasingly been made to simulate real fire with ceramic logs that glow when heated and make a good alternative to burning wood.

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

Electric fireplaces should not be dismissed. They are a cheap alternative to a bio-fuel fireplace if you are on a restricted budget and their contemporary designs are not only stylish but easy to install.

Then there is the kitchen. Cooking with real flames brings an earthy back to nature feel to making meals and cooking ranges still offer the opportunity to cook using wood and fossil fuels but they are expensive to install, require plenty of space and regular maintenance.

Finally, real flames of open hearths and log burning stoves are of course second to none but require regular maintenance and constant cleaning but the richness of real fire with all its smells, sound, heat and light will make any room come alive where marshmallows or chestnuts can be toasted and time can be lost staring into the hypnotic dance of flames and shadows.