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Creating Greener Spaces

Plants are currently enjoying a revival in interior design heralding back to the trend of the 1970’s for hanging planters and rubber and cheese plants. Biophilia

is the new buzz word, emphasising the relationship between humanity and nature through natural organic materials such as plants, light, water, wood and stone. In forging a bond with nature it brings us closer to the rhythmic flow of life around us in a therapeutically harmonious way. This holistic approach to interior design draws upon the archaic concept of the basic elements creating all life – Earth, Air, Fire and Water. We will explore these various mediums in future blogs but for now we shall focus on plants as an earth element and how they can enhance a living space and enrich our lives. Bringing plants into the home helps us forge a deeper connection with nature, they bring life into any room and have the added bonus of helping oxygenate and purify the air, infusing any space with colour, structure and fragrance. Plants can soften angular edges such as hanging plants draping over shelf corners and will bring the dead space of a sharp corner wall to life with colour and shadows, softening harsh edges with their graceful shape and form. The daring may even consider taking an outdoor concept and bring it into the home by constructing a whole living wall indoors or simply have several shelves of hanging plants to create the same effect.

There are several things one should consider when choosing plants to decorate a room:

Plant/Leaf structure - there are many types of leaf and plant shapes and sizes. Which will best suit the theme you are creating, fit the available space and complement your furniture?

Colour – As well as flowers, leaves come in a wide range of colours from green to purple-black as well as variegated with yellow, white, pink and reds which can bring colour contrast into your design.

How big will the plant grow? – pick a plant that will fill but not be confined in the space you wish to put it in and ensure it is in a suitably sized planter.

Maintenance – Plants need to be cared for, watered, deadheaded, potted up and pruned. Some need tending more than others so choose wisely and get to know the growth habit of your new house mates.

Is the humidity correct for the plant and the light it is getting sufficient? - The place a plant occupies needs to suit its growing requirements. Some plants prefer direct sun on a windowsill whilst others prefer a shaded corner. Others may prefer the humidity of a bathroom whilst there are those that prefer hot, dry conditions such as a conservatory.

Plant type – Most plants can be a houseplant, so do not be afraid to experiment with plant varieties but consider where you wish to grow it and its needs.

These basic tips should help you to choose the plants best suited for your home or office. Plants can turn any room into a green living space. They can be a focal point in a design or quietly occupy the space around you like old friends. Whatever your colour scheme, theme or space availability there are plants which will accommodate your needs and bring nature closer to you and enrich your interior environment.