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Novanta offers a complete furniture consultancy package for both end-users, and the Design & Build community.

 We can discover exactly the type of furniture you require to make your space look amazing, but also ensure it works for your business needs. 

Our team have years of project experience at choosing the right furniture, to suit the right environment, and can help guide you through the minefield of furniture selection.


We are able to provide a breakdown of costs for the furniture elements of a project, allowing you a snapshot of how these costs affect the overall project, as a whole.


Novanta can provide various options for each item required, so that our clients can ensure they get best value for money.  


Novanta will help co-ordinate all colour choices for fabrics, whilst also offering various options on surface finishes, such as woodgrains, block colours or metal.

DLA Piper Man 37.jpg

Our teams can also ensure that all necessary electrics and cables are included in project specifications, and can advise on any power accessories you may require

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