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Image by Alex


The colour you use in your workplace, is not just about using an on-trend shade, or matching your branding. Colour can influence the mood and behaviour of workers, and help create an ambience that keeps your team stimulated, motivated, relaxed and happy.

 Brighter colours, such as reds and oranges, often help raise the overall energy of the team; whereas cool hues such as blues and greens, have a calming effect.

 Novanta pulls together all of the elements of the interior from the carpet and paints, to the fabrics and upholstery, to create the perfect mood.



We create electronic moodboards at the very early stages of any design process. This helps the client begin to envisage the prospective workpace, and think about the overall visual effect of the environment being developed.

 From biophilic officescapes, to an industrial look and feel, Novanta can offer many options to suit our clients.

 Seeing products, surfaces and finishes grouped together, brings a cohesive design image, and starts to bring the space to life. Once layouts and products are agreed, Novanta then produces physical moodboards, with samples of the proposed finishes, for the final touch and feel sessions.



Novanta can produce various levels of 3D visuals, to suit most budgets. These range from simple sketched layouts, with only a hint of colour, that provide effective early stage visualisation of a proposed design, through to photo-realistic, stunning CGI visuals and walkthroughs, 

 We are all used to seeing a 2D plan, which is vital to the overall design, but nothing compares to seeing a space in full colour 3D, with its wow factor.

 Going further, Novanta can bring the design to life, by using 360 visualisation tours, allowing our clients to move around in the virtual reality world 

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