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Modern Office

designing for covid.

Novanta are able to offer a comprehensive COVID workplace analysis for workplaces, which allows our clients to look at existing ways of working during the pandemic, but also just as importantly, how the future will look for offices POST-COVID.

Why not look at letting Novanta re-configure an existing space, without the cost of refurbishment?

'everyone deserves a fantastic workplace'.

- Neil Usher



Founded in 2007, Novanta design beautiful workplaces, and are a company with over 50 years of joint experience in the interiors industry. 

We believe that good design can make any place of work flourish, and be a space where its people can be comfortable and productive.

​We have a passion for detail, quality products and a high standard of finish.

​​Our creative team led by Janine Spearing, offers a comprehensive design support package & specialist furniture consultancy for the interiors industry, and is complimented by an experienced pool of hand-picked designers. 

​​From effective workplace analysis and space-planning, to interior design and beautiful furniture, Novanta endeavour to guide our clients through the process from concept to completion.

​Although predominantly designing for the commercial interiors sector, we also work closely with other industries, such as the hospitality and leisure sectors, including hotels, sports/golf clubs and cafe's, whilst also creating informal study areas and cool student zones for further and higher education spaces. Another of our skillsets is designing specialist healthcare spaces, such as dementia facilities and children's areas. 

Founder of the business, Janine has over 25 years of experience designing commercial, hospitality, residential and healthcare interiors.

Overseeing all of our design projects from concept to completion, she ensures attention to detail is key.

Janine is also at home on-site, and has successfully managed several large D&B projects from start to finish. 


Janine Spearing

Design Director



Steve has over 20 years experience of furniture specification in the commercial, hospitality and education sectors.

Working closely with many of the Europe's leading manufacturers and UK dealers, Steve is able to provide clients with a comprehensive furniture support package.

Steve Butler

Furniture Consultant/Director

Freelance Design Team.


Amy is a creative designer, who is skilled at concepts and schemes


Jen is a visualiser and designer, who is able to work on various types of projects


Ian is an experienced creative designer, who brings professional style to commercial projects


Kathy is able to work on all aspects of a project from concept to completion


features & news.

Image by Nastuh Abootalebi


There has been much written about this enigmatic subject; some of it arbitrarily governed towards commercial profit undoubtedly. However, having read many of these blogs, thoughts and ideas, we believe it can be parcelled down into three choices for the leaders of businesses:

  • Those who need to downsize 

  • Those who need to re-configure

  • Those who need to expand

Each of these generates an opportunity for new projects and we explore this in a little more detail...



Great to see a truly new conceptual idea brought to fruition from the furniture industry.

Its been a while!

 Those bright people from OB have brought us a range of meeting spaces, developed from the concept of camper vans and dens. They have a vast new range of rooms to suit the clients needs, along with a variety of trendy-looking canopies, to make the space feel extremely contemporary. Well done Orange Box....




Sometimes, you have to think outside the box, and in this case, a restaurant certainly did. We've always been told to use vertical space as a way of maximising area's, but this creates a COVID-able space too!

We are liking this innovative approach that we saw on linked In by Seed to Branch....

Real Estate Agent


There are times when people in our industry come across commercial landlords without an accurate plan of their properties.

 This often inhibits their ability to showcase the building to prospective clients in all its potential glory.

 Novanta can alleviate this issue, by surveying and creating detailed CAD plans of the properties, and then producing stunning 3D images of potential interior designs, so that prospective clients can visualise the amazing environment they could be working in.  

 It also rears its head when D&B or fit-out companies are asked to look at creating designs under tight deadlines for a company who have just agreed to take a space. Without detailed plans that they can use immediately, it becomes a race against time and creates a potential for bad design.



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